Birth Control Pills & Condoms


What birth control is right for me?

Today there are many different options available for birth control and pregnancy prevention. The contraceptive method that is best for you is dependent upon your lifestyle and reproductive needs. Our doctors at Naples Women’s Center can provide an evaluation and the counseling necessary to determine which method best suits your personal needs.

“There are more options than ever today for birth control. In fact, choosing the right method for you may be a challenge. Naples Women’s center is your partner in helping you select the best method for you.”

We offer various types of birth control to prevent pregnancy, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the methods we offer:


Pills, Patches and Rings

  • May clear skin
  • Reduces cramps
  • Lighter periods
  • Helps prevent cysts on ovaries
  • Lowers risk of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and Benign Breast Disease

Mini Pill

  • Lower dose pill with progesterone only; no estrogen.
  • A good option for women who cannot take estrogen because they are breastfeeding, or for whom estrogen-containing products cause severe headaches or high blood pressure
  • Good option for older women that smoke


  • Reduces or eliminates periods
  • Reduces symptoms associated with periods
  • Need shot every 3 months


  • Small implant under the skin on arm
  • Lasts 3 years
  • Controls periods

IUDs (intra uterine device):

  • Periods are lighter or non-existent
  • No need for pills or shots

Barrier Contraception


  • Non-hormonal
  • Temporary or reversible
  • Helps prevent STDs


Outpatient Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation or hysteroscopic Essure tubal occlusion

  • Minimally invasive
  • Very effective
  • Permanent
  • No incision

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