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Birth Control

Birth Control services offered in the greater Naples, FL area

Birth control helps you take control of your body and your health by protecting you against unintended pregnancies. The team at Naples Women's Center in Naples, Florida, can talk to you about birth control and help you find the best method for your health and family planning needs. Call today or schedule your birth control appointment online.

What should I know about birth control?

Birth control refers to any method a person uses to prevent unintended pregnancies. You have multiple options, including natural family planning, over-the-counter (OTC) products, and prescription contraceptives.

Naples Women's Center has been providing compassionate care for women in Southwest Florida for decades. The expert team can talk to you about the types of birth control available and how they work, helping you choose one that best fits your family planning needs. 

I want children in the future. What type of birth control is best for me?

You have many birth control options if you’re sexually active and want to wait to have children. Some of your birth control options include:

Short-term hormonal methods

Short-term hormonal methods of birth control include the birth control pill, patch, and shot. These methods contain hormones that stop your ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation) and make it hard for sperm to reach the egg for fertilization. 

Many women use short-term hormonal birth control to manage gynecological conditions like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs)

LARCs are long-acting birth control devices. They include the birth control implant and intrauterine devices (IUDs). They work by stopping sperm from reaching the egg or preventing ovulation. 

Once placed in your body, LARCs prevent pregnancy for 3-10 years. When removed, your fertility returns to normal. LARCs are one of the most effective forms of birth control for people who want to have children in the future.

Barrier methods

Condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps are barrier forms of birth control. They block sperm from reaching the egg for fertilization. Condoms also provide protection from some STDs. 

Natural rhythm method

The natural rhythm helps you identify the days of the month you’re most fertile based on your menstrual cycle so you can avoid intercourse to prevent pregnancy. 

If you have no plans for future pregnancy, the team at Naples Women's Center can talk to you about tubal ligation. This surgical procedure blocks or cuts the fallopian tube, preventing the egg from joining with sperm. 

When should I schedule a birth control gynecology appointment?

You should schedule a birth control gynecology appointment at Naples Women's Center if you want to know more about birth control and how it can help prevent pregnancies. The team treats women of all ages, including teens. 

Call Naples Women's Center today or book an appointment online.